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Published on August 21, 2019 under Winter

I wish I could explain to you the amazingness of this group this year. They are busy and engaged but calm and helpful. In the past we have had cliques where children’s feelings were hurt and we had to work really hard to make sure everyone felt part of the group. This year they do many many things together as a large group by choice. ❤️

Look at this little impromptu tea party. Everyone joined at some point. They talked about the things they were eating and the things they were drinking.

These are the things that makes the teachers heart smile.

They are also pretty consistent with playing duck , duck , goose . It’s their own little version – but we are OK with that.

Sometimes they even switch the words and that’s funny . Then there are times they run across the whole yard and back again .

The connections they are making are so sweet. Remember I told you about family time? We do a little connection singing “twinkle twinkle little star.”

This is how it works. Today Josseline and Elijah were partners and did it together and for the next 30 minutes they played together sitting and reading and playing.

There’s something about looking in someone’s eyes and using helpful words that pulls down walls and creates lasting friendships. ❤️

Our main goal in the first few weeks is building our Preschool family. I would say we are being pretty successful.


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