Math and Candy Corn

  Today we used candy corn to practice a few math skills.  First we counted the candy corn . Then we added three pumpkins and talked about patterns .  Almost every child was able to set up an AB pattern.  Pumpkin, corn, pumpkin, corn , pumpkin , corn.  I was pleasantly surprised that most of […]

Fresh Squeezed Orange Juice

> One of our parents gave us two cases of apples and oranges. Now.. we eat a LOT of fresh fruit but even we would have a hard time getting through that much before it spoils. So, we are getting creative. Today, the kids got a lesson on where we get orange juice from. Many […]

People and Places that Keep us Healthy

> Oh Monday ! I knew you would get here! Today we kicked off a new unit from Adventures in Learning that will help us learn more about people and places that keep us healthy. We talked about what ” healthy” means. We added new songs that were about being healthy – like Five Monkey’s […]