Wrapping up the Week

I love having parents around during free play in the morning .  It is great for them to see what we do each day and how many learning materials the children are exposed to throughout the day.  I especially love it when Ashley comes to play since she is going to school to be a […]

Owls !

Much of our fun today was a top secret disguised assessment.   We made owl puppets. I was able to check for proper pencil grip and cutting skills.  Bonus was being able to talk about owls that live in the woods !                       When your […]

Friday Flicks and a fox

> Today we wrapped up a unit on ” Animals that Live in the Woods.” It was SUCH a pretty day we were temped play outside all day. The kids didnt even need jackets on ! Randy snapped a few pictures of outside play . In small groups today we played the Fox and Football […]

Hattie and the Fox

> Randy and the kids played with the camera today… Today we read the story of Hattie and the Fox. This book is a great book that practices predictability. As Hattie sees each part of the fox hanging out from the busy the animals all exclaim the same thing over and over – ” Well […]

Animals in the Woods

> The kids have been out for a few days for snow and icy roads. They were excited to get back today. Who’s idea was it to bring in the styrofoam packaging ? ? The little styrofoam balls are EVERYWHERE and they STICK TO EVERYTHING. But look at the lap top one of the kids […]