The Leaf Man

My plan today was to walk to the library to look for and read the book ” The Leaf Man.” I know we were walking with the assumption that we […]

Fire Station

Today was our annual trip to the fire station.  We haven’t been to station 2 for a few years so it was nice to visit our neighborhood fire station.  Thanks […]

Yellow and Red Make….

Though we only had yellow and red available in the paint area today and many children painted they still did not stumble across the color mixing magic that I hoped […]

Stop, Drop and Roll

Holy Guacamole !  I don’t think we could have packed any more fun and learning into today if we  tried. First, let me tell you how great you are.   […]

The Wheels on the Bus

We were the first ones on the bus this morning and the last ones off  .   As we rode to Northside our littles sang ” The Wheels on the […]

The Grand Opening

One of the pictures is a little blurry but we will let that represent  excitement.  The children were excited . We were excited ! Dallas and I were talking about […]

Park day in Anticipation of the Snow Storm of 2013

Normally on Wednesdays ( and Mondays ) we have visitors here doing speech therapy and such but today they called in so we took advantage of the warm weather to […]

Who provides food PARTY !

What crazy teacher would have so many things on the docket for a Friday ? As soon as family time was over this morning we hit the pavement.  First we […]

Mud Pie is Served

The highlight of our day was the mud pie kitchen reopening. We put it together last year but like any play area if it isnt revisited and revamped ever once […]

Arkansas Children Week Day Three – Wednesday

  Whew.. we made it. We are doing a lion hunt song this week and after each verse it says ” whew.. we made it ! ” Well.. we did […]