Today I purposefully set out several fine motor activities.  In order to be a great ” cutter ” children need practice and lots of it. They need to feel successful !  Today we laid out magazines and scissors.  Nathan found lots of animals and glued them on a piece of paper. We talked about that […]

Thanksgiving BINGO

Today we played a BINGO game.  This is a great way to play with letters and their sounds.  As I call the letter I make the sound of the letter.   I was quite surprised as many of my three year olds were able to find the letters on their game. When we play literacy […]

Getting our Groove on

Today was all about getting more into routine and exploring different materials we have .  Generally our materials all stay out and the  children have free reign  with them but first they have to be introduced.  We can’t expect children to automatically know how to properly use or take care of materials they have never […]

Hearts !

It is that time of year when we start drawing hearts  and cutting out hearts .  I tell you I was ready for a little love .  After having the flu over the weekend I was too drained to even muster a smile. But this morning I was ready to face the music and dance […]

Beautiful Trees

Today has been a good day. It was a day of dropsies though – have you ever had one of those ? First a child dropped the milk and spilled it . ( No big deal.. that is almost every day. 🙂 We don’t cry over spilled milk. ) Then a vase was broken.  There […]

The Foot Book and Ten Apples Up On Top

Today we read ” The Foot Book” .  After reading the book we colored a foot and cut it out.  Most of our friends are cutting pretty well.  Your child’s foot should be in their cubby take a look at it and see how their cutting skills are coming along.  We also found out that […]

Puzzle Time

                    This is a group that happens to LOVE puzzles and they are very good at it.                     Today we worked on 12 piece puzzles.   Immediately I heard some… ” I can’t’s” or ” I don’t […]

Want to cluck a little ?

> Some pictures from yesterday when I was being a whine bag and didnt post. 🙂 Cutting lanterns is a great fine motor activity and great for teaching how important it is to listen and follow directions. If you dont stop on the line your lantern gets smaller and smaller. I was really impressed with […]

Estimation ….we just dont get it yet

> The halloween fun has already begun… Sharpening fine motor and math skills can be fun ! Gross motor ( large muscles) – tossing a pumpkin in the can. Geneviette and Rosanna built a pet shop. Rosanna is the pet ! 🙂 Emeri holding our pumpkin to try and guess how much it weighed. Estimation […]

Every day is packed full of learning

> We learn so much every day. We learn how to communicate with each other . We gain confidence in our ability to get along with each other in a social setting. Below are Emeri and Orrin. They rode the horse together through the house and when Emeri stopped she said ” Now, get off […]