It’s National Strawberry Ice Cream Day

Woo hoo! It’s national strawberry ice cream day! Let’s celebrate !!! But why ? I include silly nonsense holidays like this on our calendar for many reasons. 1. It gives us all something to look forward to. 2. Wait .. does strawberry start with the letter S? 3. How many days is it until strawberry […]

What Does Scavenger Mean?

Today we had a special treat. I told the children after playing indoors we would be going on a scavenger hunt. What does Scavenge mean? The children looked at me and a couple said “looking for some thing” – “finding gold.” Pretty close! We took a trip around two blocks looking for winter objects. We […]

I Made An N!!

There’s nothing like helping a child be successful! Nayomi said “I can’t make this letter” pointing to the N. “Would you like my help?” She nodded yes. It’s still hard for her to do the letters in one complete motion so I showed her the shortcut by making two straight lines and connecting them from […]

Calming Activities

With the winter weather it’s harder for us. We cannot stay outside for long periods of time. You can’t tell a little guy that’s four or five years old that he just can’t expel energy because it’s cold. We went outside today for about 45 minutes. As soon as we got in the gate the […]


When I first started putting this blog together today I knew there were two important pieces that I wanted to address but wasn’t sure at all how they fit together- but it suddenly came to me. I have had trainings and meetings every day this week. Many days there were multiple trainings. I usually don’t […]

Observational Art

Don’t judge, much of my Christmas stuff is still out. I’ve been gathering little things from the house as I see them. This weekend I picked up this little tree from the bathroom and set it in my staging area to be put away. Then I thought… I think I would like the kids to […]

Bird is the Word

For our family time I print off a simple blank calendar. We write special dates on the calendar such as birthdays or holidays. Just to add some spunk and something for the kids to look forward to I look at the nontraditional holiday calendar and find fun days for us to celebrate. Today is international […]

Happy New Year

I’m so happy to have you guys back with us this week. I love routine and having the kiddos here definitely helps me thrive. This afternoon I took a quick run through social media and I noticed so many of my friends were posting pictures of their children doing activities from the traditional winter unit. […]

Polar Express 2020

Polar express days are always so magical. A lot of time is spent planning – down to the minutes on our schedule for the day. Probably my favorite part of the day is when Randy delivers the hot chocolate . I can’t imagine a polar express here that does not include that. The kids loved […]

Birds Need to Eat Too

The snow is gradually going away outside but most places are still covered. We talked today about the fact that birds might have a hard time finding food. So we helped them out. I know that everything doesn’t have to turn into a philosophical discussion but doing things for others at Christmas is what fills […]