Sometimes even I struggle with the way I teach… Am I doing enough? Are they going to be ready? And then I see things like this and take a breath and realize I am going in the right direction . Some people do not believe in a child-led environment. I embrace it more every year. […]


Since Randy has appointments coming up today was just not a day I could takeoff. But I can’t think of a better way to celebrate my birthday then with the little guys who make my world go around. It started off with a traditional birthday pancakes. Mine was enormous Next, I opened the present from […]

Let’s Write a Story

Written language is acquired by children in many of the same ways they acquire oral language. Two crucial aspects of learning oral language are having opportunities to be a language user and having adult role models. We can engage children in exploration of written language by writing with them. Written communication is tied to reading. […]

Asking Open-Ended Questions

A question like “ what color is that block?” evokes a one-word answer. But an open ended question “tell me more about the blocks you are using” encourages a child to describe the blocks or explain what she is doing. There’s no right or wrong answer there. An answer to an open ended question gives […]

Eggs stra Eggs stra.

The children were anxious to have our egg hunt today. We tried to fill the morning with normal things like self-portraits. Eventually, we made it outside for the egg hunt. Just to make things easier I had the girls go to the front yard and the boys to the side yard. It’s always interesting for […]

Pranks plus

April fools day is kind of a foolish day. But it’s full of fun and it actually teaches lessons along the way . This morning I asked the children would they love to have brownies for breakfast and of course they all cheered and said YES!!! They were just a tad disappointed when I bought […]

Here Comes Peter Cottontail

Here comes Peter Cottontail Hopping down the bunny trail Hippity hoppety Easters on its way.

Looking For Spring

Periodically we take walks around our neighborhood looking for seasonal changes. Today we went around a couple blocks looking for signs of spring . We found many signs of spring. We even found a SIGN that said SPRING! Before we left for our walk we discussed how I watch them play and I document things […]

They Missed The Mud

We talked about taking a walk today to look for signs of spring. The children were so engaged in playing and content that I did not want to interrupt. Everyone was excited to tell us what they did or did not do over spring break. We did all our normal things today. Listening to pancake […]

Small World Play

All of the children have really been into small world play. Small world play is getting tiny animals, tiny people and creating play scenes with them. They do it for hours? This weekend Mr. Randy’s fraternity had a garage sale and he found a little peoples play house with people and all the furniture pieces. […]