Isn’t Easter Over ?

When you look at today’s pictures you might think – – wait… last week before Easter she didn’t have bunnies and eggs out.  Today, the week after the Easter holiday – she has all the Easter swag.  Hey DEB!  You are running a week behind ! Get with the program.   🙂     If […]


  It was a good day for a Monday.

Here Comes Peter Cotton Tail

It was a little iffy whether we would be doing our egg hunt today but by golly we did ! During breakfast the kids and I talked about our options. We talked about having it inside, or outside and the problems  that could occur with both.  While we were talking the rain stopped momentarily so […]

Humpty Dumpty

Do you ever have one of those days that you feel like you RAN ALL MORNING ! Today was that kind of day. Whew… Nap time was welcomed today – even  though it was late. You would think that days we serve cereal are actually easy meal prep days but it really isnt.  It is […]

The Carrot Seed

Today we  heard the story  ” The Carrot Seed.”   There are life lessons for adults as well in this book . Think about it.  It makes me sad that the boys family kept saying ” it wont grow” What happened to helping a child dream and succeed.  Thank goodness he didnt give up and […]

Hopper Hunts For Spring . So Do We.

If you are tired of cold weather clap your hands If you are tired of cold weather clap your hands If you are tired of cold weather and you think warm would be much better… If you are tired of cold weather clap your hands.   Ok, that is it.  Find that ground hog and […]

The Easter Hunt

Today was a good day.  A new game we played today was ” Don’t eat Peter .”  The kids love this game and it comes in a lot of varieties for all holidays.   There are 9 places on the board and one child is sent out of the room. The other children decide which […]

Easter is almost here !

Which part of the chocolate bunny do you eat first ?  Today we ate a chocolate bunny and graphed which part we all like to eat first.  Ears was an overwhelming choice !                                              […]


I woke up at 5 am this morning and couldn’t go back to sleep . Maybe like the kids I was excited about our egg drop .The egg drop went great . There was only one melt down over a broken egg and a lot of great ” egging” on and shouts of hurray!    […]

Peter CottonTail

Have you ever waited and waited for something to happen and each day got up just knowing that ” today would be the day ?”  That is how we feel around here.  We don’t do anything different  than any other day when we aren’t expecting anyone, its just an anxious feeling that comes each year […]