I’m the Happiest Christmas Tree

It was a busy Monday.  I guess most are. We started our morning by making a Christmas ornament.  My most favorite ornaments that hang on the tree are the ones made by Addam and Danielle when they were children or G when she was here in preschool.   By the time we get out for […]

Its Fri-yay Y’all !

We are not perfect teachers but we certainly try to learn from our own mistakes .  Yesterday we did not get in as much outside time.   Today  outside time was a priority.    After breakfast I told the littles that we would be going back outside and one little girl said ” We have […]

The Grand Opening

One of the pictures is a little blurry but we will let that represent  excitement.  The children were excited . We were excited ! Dallas and I were talking about the things I noticed in the classrooms I visited yesterday.   We were mainly talking about aesthetics.  It is common I think to observe a […]

The Police Visit

Early this morning one of our friends drew an amazing picture of her mom at the paint easel .   I posted it on facebook for all our friends to enjoy and a friend commented that her grand daughter draws people with no arms also !  Did you know there are developmental stages to drawing […]

Summer Circus Fun

      Every child needs to pretend to be in a circus right at some point  ! How else will they grow up one day and be angry and slam their  bedroom door and yell ” I will just run away and join the circus!!?”  If they dont pretend to be a clown or […]

Mrs Wishy Washy Drops In

Today Mrs Wishy Washy made her one day annual appearance.  The kids of course knew it was me but it is still fun to pretend.  I came in the room dressed as Mrs Wishy Washy.  ( Funny side note… as I walked through the kitchen dressed up and headed to the bathroom to fix my […]

Crazy Hat Day

We had 100% participation for hat day today!   I am SO impressed. I don’t think 100% has ever happened in the history of our preschool.  Awesome parenting  ….   There was no real rhyme or reason for hat day other than it being Mad Hatters Day . Mad Hatter Day is a great day […]

Teddy Bear Picnic

> Today to end our ” Brown Bear Brown Bear” unit we had a teddy bear picnic. It was a lot of fun. In reality all we did was take our bears outside and ate lunch on the porch but the kids LOVED it. Anything new and different in our day is like a piece […]

Friday Wrap up!

>Today has been a regular day. We still had the two children that are having a hard time struggle a little as they came in but quickly recovered. We added one today. This precious little girl is the classic text book child. Most children don’t get too upset until the 2nd or 3rd day when […]