Puppy Chow Chef

Doggie Doggie Who’s got your bone? Someone took it From your home. This was a game we played to day.    The kids really enjoyed it.   One person would […]

Kindergarten “Games”

This is the time of year that you start seeing more ” kindergarten ” games.   In kindergarten there is less playing and more working.   We work here but […]

Some Foods Change When Cooked

Today our PLAN was to cut up fruit and make a fruit salad. We even sang that irritating Wiggles song this morning to get hyped up.  Upon going to the […]

Busy But Wonderful

Today was a busy day.  But it was a wonderful busy day.    Maybe because it started with ” We Will Rock You”  Blaring as the kiddos came in and […]

What is Healthy ?

Yesterday we  talked about and charted what does ” being healthy ” mean .  We say things like that all the time but children have no point of reference to […]

Snowmen At Night

Today we read the story ” Snowmen at NIght” . After reading the book I asked the children what they would do at night of they were a snowman.  Its […]

Math and Literacy !

Today many of our ‘ games ” were intentionally targeting math and literacy skills. There was the snowman game board.  The children would roll the dice and count the dots […]

Winter Wonderland

Yesterday and friend posted a  wonderful winter wonderland she made for her littles.  I was jealous !  It was amazing.   SInce we are doing a unit right now and […]

Lets Play in the Snow

Lets play in the snow , in the snow together Lets play in the snow. Its winter and cold weather.   During breakfast today I read a book about a […]

The Mitten

One of our books we read today was  ” The Mitten.” I told the story and then read an emergent reader about the animals crawling into the mitten.  Would the […]