Puppy Chow Chef

Doggie Doggie Who’s got your bone? Someone took it From your home. This was a game we played to day.    The kids really enjoyed it.   One person would hide a bone behind his back and the ” ” dog” would try to guess who stole his bone.   Ms Dallas played a game […]

Kindergarten “Games”

This is the time of year that you start seeing more ” kindergarten ” games.   In kindergarten there is less playing and more working.   We work here but it just looks different.  Though I still cling to my beliefs at what I feel is appropriate for young children at 5 years old I […]

Some Foods Change When Cooked

Today our PLAN was to cut up fruit and make a fruit salad. We even sang that irritating Wiggles song this morning to get hyped up.  Upon going to the kitchen to gather the fruits I found that all the fruits I had were too hard for for kids to cut with safety knives.   […]

Busy But Wonderful

Today was a busy day.  But it was a wonderful busy day.    Maybe because it started with ” We Will Rock You”  Blaring as the kiddos came in and we started family time.  Maybe it is because for some reason we all just connected to each other better.  Every day is good. Today was […]

What is Healthy ?

Yesterday we  talked about and charted what does ” being healthy ” mean .  We say things like that all the time but children have no point of reference to know the meaning.  They can only remember what they know and have associated with it in the past.  For one little boy he said ” […]

Snowmen At Night

Today we read the story ” Snowmen at NIght” . After reading the book I asked the children what they would do at night of they were a snowman.  Its nearing the end of the year. I am starting to include some vocabulary ( that is asked on the K screening test ) like title […]

Math and Literacy !

Today many of our ‘ games ” were intentionally targeting math and literacy skills. There was the snowman game board.  The children would roll the dice and count the dots to see how far to move their snowball on the board. This game was also great for teaching left to right progression as we made […]

Winter Wonderland

Yesterday and friend posted a  wonderful winter wonderland she made for her littles.  I was jealous !  It was amazing.   SInce we are doing a unit right now and snow  ( and there is none ) I decided to borrow ( Loose term teachers use for stealing other teachers ideas ; Thanks Kim ! […]

Lets Play in the Snow

Lets play in the snow , in the snow together Lets play in the snow. Its winter and cold weather.   During breakfast today I read a book about a magic snowman.   Then we talked about ” what do we already know” about snow and ice.   The kids made a pretty extensive list. […]

The Mitten

One of our books we read today was  ” The Mitten.” I told the story and then read an emergent reader about the animals crawling into the mitten.  Would the mouse fit ? Would the rabbit fit ? Would the bear fit ?   Then we colored a pair or mittens and cut them out. […]