Super Heroes are RESPONSIBLE

Responsible Thats a tough word even for adults sometimes.  Have you ever said ” I am through adulting today…” Basically that means you are through being responsible.   Determining  what level of responsibility each child is ready for is different for each child.  How do we ” teach ” responsibility  to preschoolers appropriately?  I think […]

Super Heroes Care How Others Feel

Today we talked about two different traits that can be found in super heroes !  One of the traits was that a super hero cares how other feel.   One of the most important things we do at Bright Beginnings is work intentionally to create family.  We want this group of 16 little ones to […]

Super Heroes Think Of Others

A few of our super heroes were out today for various reasons.   The ” buzz” was lower than normal but we were able to make some great observations and see validation of things that we know to be true.   Children must have extended periods of uninterrupted play . From “When  children’s days are […]

Super Hero’s Unite

Some days I really do feel like a Super Hero.  Let me explain :   Each Monday I host a statewide conference call for family child care providers in our association. We give out business tips, curriculum tips and all kinds of good information.   The call is at 1:00 and 8:00.  Most days I […]