Happy 5th of May ( early )

Today we celebrated Cinco DeMayo with Mrs. Jeanette.  Mrs. Jeanette was Mary Burton’s former spanish teacher in high school . She lives in Rogers now and is working on her doctorate  . What a wonderful day we had.  She is a special  lady. Listening to her tell the kids stories about Mexico and sing in […]

Cinco De Mayo !

> Today has been a fun day. We started out celebrating Cinco De Mayo by learning more about it on the computer. We also had some of our spanish speaking friends teach us to say ” Happy 5th of May ” , ” today is the 5th of May” and ” thank you ” in […]

Cinco De Mayo

> Today we celebrated Cinco De Mayo!  At the last minute as I glanced at the menu for today – beef stroganoff , I thought SURELY I could have planned better than this! So…. we paired up and  set out on foot to Taquaria.  Yes, 14 preschoolers and 2 crazy teachers went out to eat Mexican food. […]