Caps for Sale

Today was HAT day in honor of the book ” Caps for Sale ” and Arkansas Children’s Week.   Many of the kids came in wearing special hats . I brought down my crate of hats for others that forgot to wear one to borrow.     I started off the day in a silly […]

Lions, and tigers, and bears, (and monkeys, and camels, and zebras)!

>Yesterday was our much anticipated trip to the safari. We had the most wonderful time. I had three parents join our class for the trip, and that was such a blessing to have those extra helpers. We somehow avoided the heat of the day, which was my main concern. We began with the petting zoo […]

More Zoo Fun

>Today we continued our zoo theme. After playing in centers we went outside to enjoy the great summer weather. The kids had fun in the water table, riding trikes, and moving all (and I do mean all) the toy cars, trucks, trains, tractors, dump trucks, etc. up onto the porch to create their own toy […]

Zoo Plates

>Today I took some of my zoo resources out for the kids to play with.   I change the stuff out in the centers about every two weeks and they never seem to get bored.      Hopefully, tonight I can get some of my zoo animal costumes down for the dramatic play room. We […]

ZOO Wild!

>Today we launched a new unit .  When I talked to the kids about the time we had left in school and that I would like to finish with something they are interested in, they decided as a group to do zoo animals.  So, during circle time we used a talk picture to discuss the […]