Water Day

Much fun was had today as we played in the water , shouted ” NO! Dont shoot ME with the water gun” and ” got wrinkled fingers and toes.  Mrs. Ashely stayed to play today and she even slid down the slip and slide !  WOO WHOO! Ashley, you are going to make a GREAT […]

Milk does the body good

>Today we are finishing up our small health unit. We talked about milk and how it makes our teeth and bones strong. The kiddos in our program get milk ATLEAST twice a day. I took 30 pictures but can’t get them to upload today for some reason. 🙁 When I get the problem straightened out […]

Debbie’s Back

> Randy and I are officially back at work today ! The last two weeks seem like a bad dream. We buried my mom on Mothers Day. The last week with her was a week that I will never forget. Mom had very little pain and near the end slept most of the time but […]