Literacy “Work” Happens

This is a list of indicators from the Arkansas Kindergarten Readiness scale under the literacy section.   Emergent Literacy Engagement in Literacy Experiences and Understanding of Books and Stories G Listens, tells and engages in story being read G Participates in singing songs and saying rhymes G Retells stories from favorite books and personal experiences […]

What Do You Think ?

In our setting we spend a lot of time asking ” what do you think ?”   Asking questions ( especially open ended questions ) gives children the opportunity to express their own ideas, thoughts and power.  Today we talked about two events that are happening.  I FINALLY had time to make the labels for […]

Literacy in Action

Earlier in the week we talked about books . We talked about the beginning and end and characters and authors and illustrators.  Today we worked together to write our own book.   Molly was the first to draw the owl. I asked her how she would draw the owl and if she needed to look […]


Part of gaining readiness skills for literacy and reading is know how to treat a book . We model frequently how to hold the book and turn the pages.  We model how to use our finger to follow the words.   We use terminology like ” front of the book” and ” back of the […]

Literacy ?

If you keep up with Arkansas’ governor at all you know he is making a huge push for literacy.   He wants to see all children at grade level reading by 3rd grade. You know my teaching philosophy is not embedded with traditional ways of teaching letters and letter sounds.  But do I believe literacy […]

Thanksgiving BINGO

Today we played a BINGO game.  This is a great way to play with letters and their sounds.  As I call the letter I make the sound of the letter.   I was quite surprised as many of my three year olds were able to find the letters on their game. When we play literacy […]

Friday Eve

These last few weeks of school either fly by or drag  on forever. The end of our school year has seemed to do both if that is possible.  As I looked around today I thought of all the little faces that in 13 school days will not show up at my door every morning.  There […]

EGGGGG-citing Day !

It was a good day.  It was a busy day .. but good Vallie’s mom  came and made edible playdoh from peeps, coconut oil and powered sugar. It was beautiful and tasted so good. A friend from another school di  

Its a Jungle Out There

When the kids came in this morning they saw pieces of a jungle all over the room . They saw palm trees hanging from the ceiling. They saw monkeys hanging from the loft and many other items of wonder throughout the rooms. Julia saw a picture of the giraffe costume that I posted last night […]

Arkansas Children’s Week 2012

This week is Arkansas Children’s Week. The Theme is ” Meet me Under the Story telling Tree .”  I love children’s stories and we will have a great time this week celebrating some of our favorites. Our  main story today was ” Good Night Moon.” Goodnight Moon is classic children’s literature in North America. The text […]