Back in town !

> Being on Spring Break might have been a LITTLE more fun had it been warm. Randy , Geneviette and I headed to Kansas City, Mo. Which, by the way is an excellent place to hang out with grandkids during cold days. Our hotel, the Westin , had a link that went to most anything […]

What is Easter?

> After breakfast today I got the kids started on an orange collage. I heard many things: Is this a pumpkin? Is today orange day? You will see the end result tomorrow! Easter bunny board game – I wish I knew why playing board games it my LEAST favorite thing to do during the day. […]

Calling Santa

> Did you know we practice our math skills when we are putting our toys away. Sorting by one or more attributes is a math skill ! We sort all over the rooms. You have to admit when you look at our room it is fairly clean most of the time and everything is in […]

And let the Christmas crafts begin!

> I am not a big fan of teacher directed art but sometimes it is ok, fun and a great way to do assessments. I drew lines on the green sheets of paper and the kids were cutting on the lines to make a tree. I did this in small groups so I could see […]