Cooking Experience Day

Once a week we try to do some type of cooking experience .  Today the curriculum we use had one planned and Dallas said ” what does this have to do with clothing  ? which is our unit right now .. ) Well, I don’t know.  But she turned it into a teaching experience as […]

The Magic Pocket

Today was another really LOUD day.  Winter days are more difficult on everyone.  There isnt as much moving and grooving and all that pent up energy shows up in louder voices and faster feet in the classroom. As teachers we just have to take a deep breath and know it is needed.. all that energy […]

The Shoe Store

Yesterday I was went to a meeting in Springdale after school. After getting to Springdale the meeting was cancelled and I was left with turning around and coming home or finding something to do .  I decided to hit a couple thrift store and gather items to change our dramatic play area into a shoe […]


Today we started a new Adventures in Learning unit that I have never used before.  It is in the health and safety section and it is titles ” clothing.”  Basically the unit covers why we wear clothing and helping the children discern what clothing is appropriate for what weather. We started our unit with one […]