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Fine Motor

Published on August 20, 2019 under Winter

Exactly how do we get children ready to write in kindergarten and beyond if we are not using tracing sheets or teaching pencil grip?

We offer so many opportunities through the day to promote fine motor development.

Today, I just plopped down at the table and before long children were joining me to add to our bead chandelier.

Adding these beads to a wire uses the same muscles that we use when writing with a pencil. Pick up a bead and you will notice the resemblance.

Here are some examples of other chandeliers that have been made throughout the years in our room.

Aren’t they beautiful??!

And sometimes you get lucky to be able to do an on the spot assessment. Look at the natural sorting that went on with this child. She chose all beads that had letters on them.

Obviously there are other places that promote fine motor development as well.

In many of our centers we have clipboards with paper and there are markers crayons pencils and other tools to write with. Children love pretending they are an office manager or a doctor and writing.

And the playdoh game is still strong in our room. Squeeze some Playdoh And watch your fine motor muscles working.

So lookee there, we are teaching your child to get ready for holding a pencil ( when it’s necessary) without filling the backseat of your car with paper. Just call us the Tree Savers. 😬


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