Bric – Brac

This week the kids are energized more than I have seen them. I dont know if it is the weather or what but wowzers they are all busy.  Busy isnt […]

Curious George Goes to the Hospital

Our morning started with Ms Gabby coming to read ” Curious George Goes to the Hospital.”  She read  the book in spanish and then explained in english what was happening […]

People Who Keep Us Healthy

Today we started a unit exploring ” People Who Keep us Healthy.”  In order to understand what that means we have to understand what healthy means.  In kids terms, though […]

The wheels on the bus go round and round

I cant BELIEVE we didnt sing ” The Wheels on the Bus go Round and Round…” today.  WHAT !! Totally slacking preschool teacher.  :/             […]

Fire ! Fire !

I had an early morning conference so the kids , Randy and Dallas just played for a bit ( which is not out of the norm .)  I did hear […]

New Toothbrushes !

Today we had a special visitor come talk to us about taking care of our teeth. The  kids might remember that there  are some things that are good for our […]

The Police came to visit

I can remember as a kid almost all kids wanted to be a doctor, nurse , teacher or a policeman.  You dont hear that as much anymore. I wonder why. […]

What is Community

Community is a hard concept for children to understand.  We just had our Thanksgiving Meal at the community building so when I asked the children what “community ” is their […]

Rainboot Heaven

                              There was lots of spontaneous learning going on in our room today.    On days […]

Fire Station Field Trip

Today has been a busy day for me.  i was up too early preparing to go to a meeting in Bentonville  We toured ten classrooms and had trainings on challenging […]