Bric – Brac

This week the kids are energized more than I have seen them. I dont know if it is the weather or what but wowzers they are all busy.  Busy isnt a bad thing .  Four of them had a dance party before 8 am today.  Yes… that’s what I mean by busy. In small groups […]

Curious George Goes to the Hospital

Our morning started with Ms Gabby coming to read ” Curious George Goes to the Hospital.”  She read  the book in spanish and then explained in english what was happening on each page.                                         At one […]

People Who Keep Us Healthy

Today we started a unit exploring ” People Who Keep us Healthy.”  In order to understand what that means we have to understand what healthy means.  In kids terms, though its not entirely true, it means not sick. We were reminded that last week the fireman and the police officer had ” tools ” they […]

The wheels on the bus go round and round

I cant BELIEVE we didnt sing ” The Wheels on the Bus go Round and Round…” today.  WHAT !! Totally slacking preschool teacher.  :/                                                               […]

Fire ! Fire !

I had an early morning conference so the kids , Randy and Dallas just played for a bit ( which is not out of the norm .)  I did hear some extra learning opportunities going on such as Mr. Randy using his blood pressure machine to take each child’s blood pressure and Mrs. Dallas setting […]

New Toothbrushes !

Today we had a special visitor come talk to us about taking care of our teeth. The  kids might remember that there  are some things that are good for our  teeth and some things that are BAD for our teeth.  She also showed the kids how to brush and talked about when they should brush. […]

The Police came to visit

I can remember as a kid almost all kids wanted to be a doctor, nurse , teacher or a policeman.  You dont hear that as much anymore. I wonder why.  Being the inquisitive person that I am I did ask the officer why he thought that trend had changed.  His reply was ” that most […]

What is Community

Community is a hard concept for children to understand.  We just had our Thanksgiving Meal at the community building so when I asked the children what “community ” is their answers made sense. “It is a big building where you sing.” “You go there to eat.” “There is a stage .” Yes ! That is […]

Rainboot Heaven

                              There was lots of spontaneous learning going on in our room today.    On days like this it is hard to stop the play to move on to my agenda.  Hm…. I will let that thought soak in a little. […]

Fire Station Field Trip

Today has been a busy day for me.  i was up too early preparing to go to a meeting in Bentonville  We toured ten classrooms and had trainings on challenging behaviors in children.  Of course , I don’t NEED that information for MY angels…. but it was good to file away for a rainy day. […]