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A Little Water

Published on August 22, 2019 under Winter

A little water never hurt anyone.

We played inside for a while this morning. We had a visitor that enjoyed seeing how we learn. She saw the tools we use to practice fine motor.

Then right in the middle of play one of the kids without promoting showed us how easy it is to learn while we play.

“Hey Miss Debbie ! Look at my circle .”

Making their play / work meaningful is easy. Elijah said he wrote a card/ envelope for his momma. I said ” would you like to make a bracelet for your mom?” He said SURE ! He placed beads on a tiny wire and proudly put the beautiful bracelet in the envelope for his mom. One day this fine motor work will have him ready to write more real letters.

And then — we went outside. Water ! Mud !

We were most excited that the rain barrel filled up.

It was a good day. I hope our friend left inspired.


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