Feelings – We all have them !

Today we started talking about our emotions .  Children sometimes aren’t even aware of ” how” they are feeling.  They just seemed overwhelmed.   As we talk about and discuss  and label their emotions they become more aware of what they are ” feeling.” They also can become more aware of what others might be […]

Feelings and Emotions

Today we wrapping up our feelings and emotions unit.  We have done a lot of labeling feelings this week. We played a matching game. First we looked at the kids faces and labeled how we thought the kids in the picture was feeling. Then I turned them over and we used them to play a […]

What makes you happy ? Or Sad ? Or Mad ?

What makes you happy or sad or angry ?   Maybe you have seen my facebook post about the game we played today.  As I got the pieces together I was bothered…. why would pizza, mcdonalds, a milkshake and a TV even be in this game ? There is a lot of discussion on my […]

Hump Day

This has been a very busy week.  It seems there has been schedules and deadlines and visitors all week.  We did have a couple parent visitors this morning .    In the parent meeting I encouraged all parents to try to spend an hour a week in preschool.  It helps you to know what we […]

Feelings and Emotions

Today we started a unit on feelings and emotions.  Kids dont always know what they are feeling so they cry or lash out by hitting.   Our job is to help them label the feeling so they can deal with it and then teach them how to process or handle that feeling.   In circle […]

Matching Skin Tones

I  had scheduled to go back and do a winter wrap up but I was so intrigued by the kids responses to introducing  Martin Luther King  Jr.that I decided to explore this subject a little longer.  Not only that, but talking to kids about things like this encourage me to be a better person.   […]


> We all get bit by it ever once in a while dont we ? The angry monster comes up and bites us on the hiney and we start to yell… and yell … and cry and kick. No, I didnt explain anger to the children like that . This blog is for YOU… so […]

Not even a mouse…

> Our first nap time of this year just started and so far so good…. We have had no screamers or runners. As the norm we started the ” I gotta go potty one more time” parade. This early in the year you hate to say “no” even if they just went. This is the […]