This Arkansas weather is CRAZY. I should have taken better note of the weather this week.  Yesterday we did boats. Today we planned for trains and normally we walk to […]

Rock and Roll Rockstars

Today we talked about rock and roll music.   C anyon’s older brother came over and hooked up his electric guitar and played some rock and roll for us.   […]

Global Minded Music and Children

When I was a child I remember thinking and reading about children from other countries and it all seemed so ” foreign  .”  ( Pardon the pun. )   Children […]

I Was Country When County Wasn’t Cool

Today we started a music theme.   First on our list was exploration of country music.  No problem cowboy, Ive got that one covered. I am a professional hoe-down goer. […]

Doing the Friday Dance

This week has seemed to DRAGGGGGGG on and on.  I know that is probably because I still dont feel awesome and so many of the kids have not felt well. […]

The Sound of Music

Since we are making new discoveries about music this week we have introduced several new instruments formally in circle time and also added different ones to our music center for […]

Theme song please ?

As we talk about music this week , I am challenged to think outside the box.  While gathering my resources to teach this theme I found a lot of teacher […]

Like A Rhinestone Cowboy

What wonderful weather we are having for the end of January. I met the kids outside again today and got some energy out and some metabolisms kicked in before we […]

Happy 5th of May ( early )

Today we celebrated Cinco DeMayo with Mrs. Jeanette.  Mrs. Jeanette was Mary Burton’s former spanish teacher in high school . She lives in Rogers now and is working on her […]

Peter CottonTail

Have you ever waited and waited for something to happen and each day got up just knowing that ” today would be the day ?”  That is how we feel […]