Busy Day

I said yesterday we had introduced most everything inside but outside we still had a few stones left unturned. Today we added paint to the outside easel.  What good is an easel if there is nothing to paint with ? Even with activities like this there is learning that takes place.   There’s the normal […]

Preschool Family

As we come to the end of our year it is easy to pause and look around and see how much we have grown.    This morning my Facebook post said ” a line for the outside calm down spot at 830 am.  .”  Though some days are more tough than others can I tell […]

Dr Suess and Ducks

We started out the day with a Dr. Suess book since it is his birthday. Please don’t stone me but I may be the only preschool teacher in history that is not a fan of Dr. Suess for three and four year olds.  The book I read today was over 60 pages.  Do you know […]