Rough Housing

As I dive deeper and deeper into this new way of teaching I grow.  First it was the room arrangement and the different types of materials that we put out.   Then it was learning that it isn’t always about my plan and allowing children to be creative. Next came the risk factor – educating […]

The Boat

  Today I spent more time watching the boys and the ongoing fascination they have with building a boat.  Their steps are very intentional and they discuss ( sometimes with disagreement ) what the boat needs or what should be placed where. “Wait boys. STOP! We do not have a propeller.  We do not have […]

What’s Next?

Today after a short family time we looked at our book we wrote again and talked about next steps.  Three people that were absent the end of last week needed to contribute to our puppet show . Khloe had to complete her caterpillar puppet .  I showed her how to string the 4 styrofoam balls […]

Inner Conflict

  We had a few kiddos ( 5 to be exact -out of 16 ) that needed extra help this morning .  Nothing was wrong with them in particular ( a hurt eye here and a ” my mom forgot to hug me ” there) and it caused us to slow down a cuddle a […]

A Spot of Tea

Today —  I think I was so excited and anxious about all our extra events today that I pulled one from tomorrow’s agenda and placed it on today.   Arkansas Advocates did not come today.  At 9 AM Emma said ” Maybe you mixed it up. Check your email. ” ( I hope you totally […]


 Projects provide the narrative and structure to the children’s and teachers’ learning experi- ences. They are based on the strong conviction that learning by doing is of great importance and that to discuss in groups and to revisit ideas and experiences is essential to gain better understanding and to learn. Projects may start either from a […]

Partners in Learning

Teachers and children as partners in learning. A strong image of the child has to correspond to a strong image of the teacher. Teachers are not considered protective babysitters, teaching basic skills to children but, rather, they are seen as learners along with the children. They are supported, valued for their experience and their ideas, […]

Reggio Spaces – FOR the CHILDREN

“The role of space: amiable schools. The infant/toddler centers and preschools convey many messages, of which the most immediate is: this is a place where adults have thought about the quality and the instructive power of space. The layout of physical space fosters encounters, communication, and relationships. Children learn a great deal in exchanges and […]

The Role of Parents

The role of parents. Parents are an essential component of the program -a competent and active part of their children’s learning experience. They are not considered consumers but co-responsible partners. Their right to participation is expected and supported; it takes many forms and can help ensure the welfare of all children in the program. Lella […]


Children’s relationships and interactions within a system. Education has to focus on each child, not considered in isolation, but seen in relation with the family, with other children, with the teachers, with the environment of the school, with the community, and with the wider society. Each school is viewed as a system in which all […]