Shadow Play

Today is Groundhog Day ! First we celebrated Pax’s birthday .  The little Gecko turned 5 ! Later we all sat on the carpet ( at one time which is actually pretty rare) and talked about groundhogs . I wonder what a ground hog is ? Child- “It’s like a hog on the ground.” Child- […]

Pizza Pizza !

The highlight  of our day was Mary and Gary ( Williams parents ) coming to fix one of their quick family favorite snacks with the kids !  They spread pizza sauce on white bread and sprinkled mozzarella  cheese on top and baked.  The kids had it with their lunch and they loved it.  Quick and […]

Respect your boogers !

> Today we read another story by Julia Cook. This book was called ” I am a Booger Treat me with Respect ” I first heard about this book on a girls day out around Christmas. A dear, and funny friend brought it along for entertainment. I know you are thinking ” you must have […]

Happy Birthday to Jesus !

> Today the kids had a blast with Jodie. We were all around until noon. So I got to see some of the fun. The kids made a birthday cake for Jesus in the kitchen and even decorated it . They walked to the flower shop and bought Randy and I a Christmas surprise. ( […]

Kids are funny

> ” I’m not allergic to girls anymore!” That was my favorite quote of the day! If he only knew how those little girls will make him do stupid stuff years from now. Another funny moment today was before nap time Randy said to Audrey from the other side of the room ” Lay down […]

Winter starts with W

>WE WERE ABLE TO RUN OUR REGULAR SCHEDULE TODAY WITH ONE HOUR OUTDOOR PLAY FOR EACH GROUP! YAYAYAYYA!~ I can’t tell you how much easier that makes our day. We made WINTER trees today. It have us the opportunity to remember what the trees looked like in the summer when we came to school. Then […]

Calling Santa

> Did you know we practice our math skills when we are putting our toys away. Sorting by one or more attributes is a math skill ! We sort all over the rooms. You have to admit when you look at our room it is fairly clean most of the time and everything is in […]

Blah – hum bug

>Ok, I am having an off day.. or the kids.. or the health dept lady. One of us for sure! No really, I am not in too bad of a funk. Let me explain. The day started off with a new black backdrop for our art work display not going up like I thought it […]

I am thankful …

>What are you thankful for?I am thankful for children that love to climb in the loft and read book. I am thankful for young artist ,readers, being alone in the cube, learning to cut in the art center ( and not cutting hair ). I am thankful for kids that paint pictures of their whole […]

How Do Pumpkins Grow?

>Today has been a fun day. We got back into our routine and EVEN WENT OUTSIDE! YAY! We did our weekly reader today. Not all of the Weekly Readers are appropriate for the age group so I filter what I use in them. I also sometimes use it in an entirely different way. And even […]