Grand Cayman Island

Today our imaginations took us to the Grand Cayman Islands.  While on that island Randy and I visited a sea turtle farm and went in a semi submersible submarine.  The kids were amazed by the fish they saw that looked like sharks and by the HUGE turtles. For a special art project we made fish […]

More Ocean Fun

> Today we played the game AB Seas from Discovery toys. The kid really loved it. It is a great letter recognition game. We spent time this morning working on our program for the end of the year. I am making lists of list of things I need to do/ buy/ take care of. Please […]

Debbie’s Back

> Randy and I are officially back at work today ! The last two weeks seem like a bad dream. We buried my mom on Mothers Day. The last week with her was a week that I will never forget. Mom had very little pain and near the end slept most of the time but […]