Pj Day

This should have been titled The Napping House. That is the book that I planned lessons for today and had the kids wear their Pj’s for but I couldn’t find my book ! I KNOW I have one.  I figure it is in one of my other theme boxes but lucky me I have a […]

A Look Around Our Room

It is Friday and we are all doing the Friday dance. I am SUPER excited today that my daughter , Danielle will be flying in tomorrow morning to LIVE in Siloam Springs . She has lived in Hawaii pretty much for 5 years. I caught McKayla in the loft today listening to music.  She had […]


> We all get bit by it ever once in a while dont we ? The angry monster comes up and bites us on the hiney and we start to yell… and yell … and cry and kick. No, I didnt explain anger to the children like that . This blog is for YOU… so […]

Puddle Jumpers

>Today our lesson plans said ” Feelings and Emotions,” but several of the kids came in all wound up about the thunderstorm that was happening when they arrived at school. A couple of them were expressing very STRONG emotions about something. I cant help but think that it had something to do with the weather […]

Learning Outside ! OH YEAH!

> What a beautiful wonderful fantastic ( any more great adjectives I can throw in there ) day it has been today. Days like this renew my spirit and make my heart smile. When the weather is warmer many days we meet the kids outside in the fence to get a little play time outside […]


>Today we walked down to the railroad tracks in hopes of seeing the train and WE DID! We were there about 10 minutes and hear the whistle blow. The kids were so excited ! The bummer part of that story is in the process I dropped my camera which is now BROKEN.. bummer…… Many of […]

Friday Flick- Jungle style

> Today was our last day on the jungle unit. We have had a lot of fun exploring animals that live in the jungle . Early this morning we read ” Good Night Gorilla” and afterwards had a special visitor ! A GORILLA!!! His teeth looked a little mean.. so I warned the children ahead […]

Its the KIDDOS!

> Most of you know that Randy and I travel doing children’s music. We don’t do many during the school year so we havent done a concert since September. We are doing a concert tomorrow in Van Buren for a new library down there. The kids let us do a run through for them ! […]

Respect your boogers !

> Today we read another story by Julia Cook. This book was called ” I am a Booger Treat me with Respect ” I first heard about this book on a girls day out around Christmas. A dear, and funny friend brought it along for entertainment. I know you are thinking ” you must have […]

I love routines !

> Today has seemed like a very calm day. Maybe it is because we are back into our routines again. I had to wonder if that may be a reason I enjoy being a preschool teacher so much . I LOVE routines too ! Daniel loves playing in the homemade gak ! This is a […]