Trap Trap Trap

                              Trap Trap Trap went the little billy goat gruff over the bridge. Under the bridge lived a mean ole’ troll.  ( He was a bully ! ) Fairly tales give us so many opportunities to learn basic skills and social […]

The Three Little Pigs

I was a little disappointed today to find out the real live pig I had arranged to visit wasnt going to make it.  What I didnt know was that my friend Jackie had stopped having the pig as a house pet and had put it outdoors and well.. with the rain he was a little […]

Little Red Riding Hood

It was so good to be back in the classroom today.  Didnt get to use a lot of the new ” techniques” we heard about yet.  It is all a little over whelming and I need to read the material again and make a plan . We read the story ” Little Red Riding Hood” […]

Hansel and Gretel

Randy and I were still attending a training in Little Rock .Basically they expanded on what we learned yesterday and how to implement it in our classroom.   While we were gone, I heard there were parents EVERYWHERE in the classroom. SO sincerely grateful for the parents that came to play while we were gone. […]

Jack and the Beanstalk

I just talked to Ms Dallas and found out that the kids had a wonderful day !   She said ” It was a normal Monday , a little hectic, but it was good. ”                                         […]

Teddy Bear Picnic

Today was SO well planned and thankfully so.  I knew Danielle didnt feel well yesterday and I thought there was a possibility that she might still be ill today so last night at 9 pm I was in the kitchen making special treats for today.  That turned out to be a really good decision when […]

Goldilocks and the Three Bears

> Of course, our day started with “porridge. ” We had good ole homemade oatmeal with butter sugar and cinnamon. Of course, we also threw a lot of it in the garbage. The kids didnt really like it. The boys enjoyed sitting on the bear rug today reading. We graphed gummy bears today! I love […]

Construction !

> Today has been a fun day! I LOVE mondays ! If you are a teacher and want to beat the Monday blues, make that the day you change our your materials. You DO change them out, right ? 🙂 Today we started learning about ” People who build our community. ” I took out […]


>When reading Rupunzel we get another chance to talk about the letter R. What is more important is we built towers and measured them. We wrote down the numbers and talked about which ones were tall, short, taller, and shorter. If you dont know the story , enjoy! Other things we did today. Ate SPAGHETTI… […]

Cinderelly Cinderelly

>Wow.. is it Friday yet? It is hard to get into routine but I know it is like exercise. No pain, No gain. So, we keep plugging away. Each day gets a little easier and easier. Today I told them the story of Cinderella. I think storytelling is a tradition that has been pushed by […]