Art Our Way

Shared  from   During the preschool years, many children show tremendous growth in their creative art abilities. Child care providers can support children’s artistic development by planning art activities that encourage preschoolers’ developing art skills. Here are some basic milestones in preschoolers’ art development: Art for 3 and 4 Year Olds By age 3, […]

Routine Helps

Seriously, the Monday after a holiday usually filled with candy and its RAINING?  Not to mention Holly arranged a while ago to accompany Kilee on a field trip.  I like to accommodate her being with Kilee or other family commitments as I can.  Family is important and well.. we survived.  Randy stepped up today and […]

Here’s Your Rabbit !

I don’t know how many of you follow me on my personal social media pages but I shared a blog the other day about a paper plate bunny. Here is an excerpt from that blog :   What learning outcome do children get from these products, the paper-plate rabbits with perfectly positioned features guided and […]

Licensing Visit Today

I educate you all the time on that is DAP and what quality says we should do but rarely do I talk about licensing and our minimum regulations.  In Siloam we are blessed. We have had the same worker as our specialist for 12 years I think. That is phenomenal and does not happen everywhere. […]

What Did You Do For Spring Break?

Spring break is a little hard to understand when the kids  take off a week and come back to continuing cold weather. There were a few tell- tell signs of spring though.  Our  two trees out front are covered with flower buds.   The white one is shedding ( which I am sure is great […]

Little Comedians Today

I would like to say the highlight of my day was the ” activity ” that I planned but it wasn’t.  These kids were funny today. I put several little clips of their hilariousness on my Facebook but I will list here too since I know not everyone follows me.   Child with guitar. Me: […]

Who Needs Flash Cards When You Have Art

This week we will be doing a little shapes review – art style .  I started this invitation with three circles and then watched to see. I continued to sit at the table watching , listening and sometimes joining in the paint party.   What shape were we reviewing today?

Rain is Falling Down

Since it was raining outside this morning and we couldn’t go outside we decided to make it rain inside… purple rain !  PURPLE RAIN PURPLE RAIN ( If you just sung that in your head you really love cool music.)  We also had orange and blue and green and yellow rain. It was fun to […]

Hodge Podge

  There was still a lot of talk today about bucket fillers and bucket dippers.  When we did family time we revisited what it means. I asked if anyone had filled others buckets yet today .  I had several give me great examples. I asked if anyone’s bucket felt empty.  Grayson said ” My bucket […]

Puppet Creations

Today was finally  the day we could move one step closer to our puppet show.  Yesterday each child decided which puppet they wanted to create . We looked at pictures on the internet that might give ideas.  (  I would like to interject here – when I was a kid I remember wondering about things […]