Today is Tuesday Friday

Maybe because my day yesterday was so long and I was so tired the morning seemed to drag by.  It wasn’t bad. It just took forever and a day to make it to lunch.  But the good news is today is Tuesday Friday.  Two days in from break and we already get a couple days […]

Just A Little Christmas

  I PLANNED to blog about our loose parts area today but Christmas broke out everywhere .   Children’s brains are wired to automatically do things like this.  With no prompting several of the children made these lines of beads with a pattern.  Why in the world would I waste time having them cut out […]

Families Grow

Today we had a very special and very beautiful  tiny visitor.  Vallie’s mom brought her new baby sister , Hinslee , over to visit us.  We talked about babies and how to take care of them.  We ( mainly the adults ) we reminded how quickly a child grows from newborn to three and all […]


Did you ever have a day that just kept going and going and going and going ? This was my day today but Randy will tell you that I love it.  If he means doing my job to the best of my ability and breathing in every moment I have to make a difference in […]

I Can Help My Family

Today was one of those days as a preschool teacher that you look around and listen and go ‘ Ahhh.. This is how it should go. ”   We had a busy hum of activity as children moved from one activity to another today. You know there are some programs that tell their children where […]

What is Family ?

What is family ?   Family looks many different ways . Some families are large and always together. Some families are small.  Some families don’t have a dad or a mom.  Today we asked the littles what a family is . One of our favorite stories to read while talking about families is the story […]

Bubble Blowing Bonanza !

Today was our Bubble Blowing Bonanza. Each child was met at the gate with  a bubble tube and a smile.  That smile was certainly helped along by the Sonic cup that Parkers mom delivered . Thanks Elizabeth.   So, they had bubbles and I had bubbles.  🙂  We made our own bubbles today.  Another cooking […]

Pizza Pizza !

The highlight  of our day was Mary and Gary ( Williams parents ) coming to fix one of their quick family favorite snacks with the kids !  They spread pizza sauce on white bread and sprinkled mozzarella  cheese on top and baked.  The kids had it with their lunch and they loved it.  Quick and […]

Show and Tell

Today was show and tell .  Have I ever told you how much I dislike show and tell ? Is is so hard for this many kiddos to sit and listen to their friends and not to all gang up on him or her to see the special object. It is kinda like childbirth.  It […]

Book Making

Today we drew pictures of our family and then made a book out of them.  Each page says _________  has _______ people in  ______ family.   After drawing their pictures I filled in the blanks with them.  It might say Debbie has 4 people in her family.  These little projects are great for the kids. […]