Last Day

> The last day and we get to add one more visiting animal to our list of pets brought in by the kids. Kimber and his mommy found this turtle on the road and brought it in the share with us. We did end up sitting him outside . He became a little stinky. 🙂 […]

Snowball Fight

> Here’s your Friday Flick. The kids are calling them marshmellows, but they are cotton balls. Whats learning about winter without a good old fashioned snow ball fight. Today we did a science experiment making faux snow from a mix. The kids played in shaving cream on the table . Randy made a game of […]

Christmas Rush

> This week seems to have flown by. Especially since ” Holy Gaucamole” I FORGOT TO blog yesterday. I had a doctors appointment yesterday and we had all those great discussions about doing genetic testing to see what my risk factor is for ovarian cancer since my mom died from it and to be honest.. […]

# 2 We’ll get you !

> The kids have been admiring our number 2 pinata all week. Today we filled it with candy ( tricky way to get the rest of that Halloween candy out of my house ) and we took turns taking 2 swings until it busted. Finally , we let our friend Nolan hit it until it […]

Pizza Pizza !

> To wrap up our unit on people and places that provide food – today we went to Eureka Pizza. The manager, Glenn surprised us by giving us each aprons and letting us cook our own pizzas! We went in the walk in freezer, it was SO cold ! Here we are rolling our dough […]

Friday Flicks !

>Today has been a great day. It was so good that I didn’t want to interrupt the children’s play to do circle time or cook. WHAT ? We have had a few rough days and the children were socializing so well and learning together doing what they do best that I chose to have a […]

It’s a New Day !

>It is 2:00 and I am just now blogging. We didnt get the children laid down until after 1:00 today. We will probably let them sleep until almost 2:30 . Our day has been busy – finishing our assessments – but now we can get back to the business at hand – playing and learning. […]

Fabulous Friday Flicks !

> We have made it to the end of our first week. It wasn’t near as tough as some have been. If you have asked your child each day what we have done and they replied ” play” . They are correct. Don’t tell them but we already did a lot of other things as […]