Today is Tuesday Friday

Maybe because my day yesterday was so long and I was so tired the morning seemed to drag by.  It wasn’t bad. It just took forever and a day to make it to lunch.  But the good news is today is Tuesday Friday.  Two days in from break and we already get a couple days […]

Feelings – We all have them !

Today we started talking about our emotions .  Children sometimes aren’t even aware of ” how” they are feeling.  They just seemed overwhelmed.   As we talk about and discuss  and label their emotions they become more aware of what they are ” feeling.” They also can become more aware of what others might be […]

feelings mural

> Today we practiced our scissor cutting skills . I placed magazines on the table and scissors and asked them to cut out faces that showed emotions. As I sat and cut with them ( modeling is always a great way to teach children ) I noticed how almost ALL expressions in magazines are happy. […]

Whoa is me Wednesday !

> JUST KIDDING! We have had a great day! We continued to talk about feelings and emotions today. We read the book again called ” When Sophie gets angry, really really angry.” We read many of our books over and over again. Sometimes it takes a second or third read to see everything in the […]