Other Signs of Fall

We have talked a lot about the leaves changing colors and falling from the trees. We have also talked about how the wind is starting to get a little more chilly and it gets dark sooner.  Today , we explored a different side of our season change.  Remember for a while we had a wasp […]

Stop, Drop and Roll

Holy Guacamole !  I don’t think we could have packed any more fun and learning into today if we  tried. First, let me tell you how great you are.   This morning Mr Randy got up feeling a little under the weather.  In the middle of an already totally busy day / week/ month I […]

Do You Hear What I Hear

Our morning started off with much movement and vigor.  Pax’s mom, Rochelle , came and did a 20 minute workout with the littles.  She is so engaging and fun I think they would do almost anything for her.  She had them bouncing like a momma gorilla, hopping like a bunny, flipping tires and running like […]

My Hands Can …

Today we focused on our hands.  Before we even made it in the back door this morning we talked about something that can keep us safe when it comes to our hands .    Sometime last week our friend Gracie put a rock in her ear. It is really causing some HUGE problems for her […]

Grandparents and Gravy

The highlight of our day was the ” Grandparents and Gravy’ event this morning.  It is so much fun to meet the grandparents of our littles.  I know how grandparents think. I am one. There is no better job on the planet than to be a grandparent.  I can’t think of a more rewarding time […]


Our lesson plan today included graphing our eye colors . We are still focusing on how we are each unique.  And well… I didn’t get a picture of our chart. But we did do a lot of pinecone exploring.  ( Thanks all the moms that have brought pinecones to us ! ) We did a […]

Cooking Experience Day

Once a week we try to do some type of cooking experience .  Today the curriculum we use had one planned and Dallas said ” what does this have to do with clothing  ? which is our unit right now .. ) Well, I don’t know.  But she turned it into a teaching experience as […]

Hump Day

This has been a very busy week.  It seems there has been schedules and deadlines and visitors all week.  We did have a couple parent visitors this morning .    In the parent meeting I encouraged all parents to try to spend an hour a week in preschool.  It helps you to know what we […]

Do you hear what I hear ?

Today was the day we talk about listening  with our ears. The hardest thing to get preschoolers to understand that is to really listen you have to be quiet.  That isnt always easy but is a necessary skill that we work on so kindergarten wont be miserable for them when they go.  Not listening can […]