Dial 3 Assessments

Each year within 45 days of enrollment I an required  to do a developmental assessment.  The Dial 3 is my tool.  We look at motor skills, language and concepts.  I asked them do do things like hop on one foot and catch and bean bag.  I ask them if they are a boy or a […]

Puppies and Presidents

We had a special visitor today .  It’s always great to have visitors but when it is a former little it is  extra special.  ( Side note… its very humbling and validating when former parents continue to ” give back ” to our preschool family even when they are gone.  It touches my heart.  ) […]

Bubble Blowing Bonanza !

Today was our Bubble Blowing Bonanza. Each child was met at the gate with  a bubble tube and a smile.  That smile was certainly helped along by the Sonic cup that Parkers mom delivered . Thanks Elizabeth.   So, they had bubbles and I had bubbles.  🙂  We made our own bubbles today.  Another cooking […]

The Grand Opening

One of the pictures is a little blurry but we will let that represent  excitement.  The children were excited . We were excited ! Dallas and I were talking about the things I noticed in the classrooms I visited yesterday.   We were mainly talking about aesthetics.  It is common I think to observe a […]

The New Library

We had two very exciting things happen today . We walked to the library to see the ribbon cut and we explored a fish… a real fish.

Hey Diddle Diddle

It has been a chilly wet day today and we have enjoyed playing inside.  Days like this give me the opportunity to do some observing to see what changes we have made as individuals and as children.  This late in the year many times we see children that were quiet and reserved and tended to […]

A Humbled Teachers Heart

Last night following the Family Fall Walk to the creek Randy and I travelled to Jacksonville Arkansas for a KIDDOS concert.  Yes, in addition to preschool teachers we are children’s musicians.  Rarely do we do concerts on school days or even during the school year , but we took this one and I am so […]

QA Review is complete

Today Marcy came – finally !  I thought she was late until she reminded me that we have a 90 day window now and not a  6 week window.  I was sitting at the table downloading sings for our unit this week and looked up to see her standing in the door.  Honestly my first […]

Do we need this or want it ?

Today has been a much better day than yesterday.    For the most part we have all been on track.  I had a couple testing the waters a little but I kept my smile and set firm boundaries and we made it to nap time !                   […]

Good Bye Leprechaun’s

> In T-minus 2 hours we will officially be on SPRING BREAK. I still have no idea what Randy and I are doing or where we are going, but we are getting out of town. We will take mom to visit her brothers and sisters and be on our way. It will be nice to […]