We are the Dinosaurs

Over the weekend I decided that I NEEDED to do a few provocation type activities .  I don’t think we have been playing and documenting enough to choose a sure- fire project yet so I decided to start with a few standard based provocations .   Today I added this one.   The littles know […]


During parent / teacher conferences this morning there was extra fun going on.  The unplanned kind !                                                             Three of the yard sticks I bought yesterday […]

Group Art ?

Patterning is an important math skill for kids.  Is it important in preschool .. maybe not but if they can ” get it ” why not ?  I especially like to pattern with real objects like shoes or stuffed animals but in my dinosaur box was a patterning game.  It had little toy dinosaurs so […]

D is for Dinosaur

Parent teacher conferences started this morning at 7:45.  I love visiting with my parents and sharing the little bits of knowledge that I have about raising children. I think every parent thinks it is just them – alone – makingterrible decisions as a parent.  STOP! You are all good parents. Perfect ? No.. neither was […]

Dinosaurs !

We have had a fabulous day!  I decided to be a rebel this weekend and pull out a theme box that I have not used in a long time.  DINOSAURS!  In early education we are taught it is preferable to teach kids about things that are relevant to them.  A great example would be in […]