While we played outside today we continued to trudge along and get these assessments completed.  Sometimes its exciting to see how much the littles have learned.  Sometimes they are interested in everything BUT playing a game with me and the assessment score is skewed.  I honestly don’t take a lot of stock in these kinds […]

Arkansas Children’s Week 2017

Every year we have a week that we celebrate children .  The nationwide event is hosted by the National Association for the Education of Young Children.   Arkansas always has a special spin on it with a special theme as well.  Being the overachiever that I am – I am trying to combine the two […]

Building Pig Houses

Today we built the three pigs houses and acted out the story.

Joannie Uses One Hammer

Joannie works with one hammer , one hammer , one hammer, Joannie works with one hammer, then she works with two.   Does anyone else know this song ? This kids love it. We use actions with  the song.     New materials out on the table today.  The kids enjoyed the new toy I […]

The Three Little Pigs

What better way to learn about building than the story of the three pigs. We made a take home emergent reader book.                                           The kids built a bridge outside.  It is important to have ” […]

Can We Build It ?

The rain in the forecast pushed us outside for the early part of the morning today. We swapped our schedule around a bit to make sure we got our hour of outdoor “run all that energy off like a crazy person “fun in.     After coming in we played with the new puzzles laid […]


  Today we talked about communities.  Bethany read the story ” Froggy Goes to School ” with them and talked about Froggy’s community at his school.  Then we talked about who is in our community in our school.   If you are reading with your child at home I am sure they have been pointing […]

Estimation ….we just dont get it yet

> The halloween fun has already begun… Sharpening fine motor and math skills can be fun ! Gross motor ( large muscles) – tossing a pumpkin in the can. Geneviette and Rosanna built a pet shop. Rosanna is the pet ! 🙂 Emeri holding our pumpkin to try and guess how much it weighed. Estimation […]

Construction !

> Today has been a fun day! I LOVE mondays ! If you are a teacher and want to beat the Monday blues, make that the day you change our your materials. You DO change them out, right ? 🙂 Today we started learning about ” People who build our community. ” I took out […]