Pretend Play

How many of your remember playing house when you were growing up ? I remember the house next door had an old shed that wasn’t used. Many of the kids in our neighborhood turned that into a playhouse.  It had a dirt floor and I remember dragging an old car seat ( not kids car […]

Smorgasbord of Learning

Today we have hopped all over the place learning.  Ideally, that is what will happen as we look for ways to teach children where they are. Remember we do continual online assessments but observations that we make . Sometimes that is just text as  we record a conversation or explain in detail something that took […]

My Hands Can …

Today we focused on our hands.  Before we even made it in the back door this morning we talked about something that can keep us safe when it comes to our hands .    Sometime last week our friend Gracie put a rock in her ear. It is really causing some HUGE problems for her […]

Grandparents and Gravy

The highlight of our day was the ” Grandparents and Gravy’ event this morning.  It is so much fun to meet the grandparents of our littles.  I know how grandparents think. I am one. There is no better job on the planet than to be a grandparent.  I can’t think of a more rewarding time […]


I am happy to say that today we finished up our Dial three  assessments.  It is very comprehensive and takes SO much time.  Our parent teacher conferences are scheduled for October 1st . On that day we will discuss results.  In the picture below Ms Dallas is playing a game with Tiana trying to see […]


Last night I spent time with other providers that do preschool that same way I do ( in a home ) and we delved into chapter 3 of our Conscious Discipline book.  Each month we are spending extra time studying ( what we have already spent 6 days in a workshop being taught  ) and […]

Standardized Testing… boo.

Every year within 45 days of enrollment we must do developmental assessments on our preschoolers.  This year I went back to using the Dial Three.  The Dial Three scores each child in these areas using fun game like activities.                                 […]

We went to Iron Core Gym !

Enjoy pictures from our trip to the Iron Core Gym today! Since we were talking about our healthy bodies, I decided to show the kids where I work out.  I have been with Cassidy a year now.  Time flies when you are having fun !  Cassidy is an awesome trainer. Sure, you can go to […]

Doctor Doctor Give Me The News !

  Today we continued to talk about our bodies. During small group the kids made finger prints on an index card and studied them with a magnifier.  We also read another version of ” Our Hands Are Not For Hitting” and then made our own book.  We traced the kids hands and then wrote the […]

First Field Trip of 2010-2011

> Before I give a run – down of today, let me back up to Friday to say ” Hello ” to a couple more grandparents that stopped by on Friday to help us celebrate. Audrey’s grandma and Kimbers grandpa stopped by to share the cake the kids cooked earlier in the day. We have […]