A Little Bit of the Leprechaun

Today during family time I asked the kids what holiday was coming up.  Admittedly, most of them are not aware.  I mean, St Patricks Day is not a holiday that one usually gets extremely excited about unless of course you go to preschool at Bright Beginnings.  This is one of our favorite times of year. […]

Snowflakes Falling

Ok there are not REALLY snowflakes falling but we pretended and made a keepsake snowflake for the tree.  And guess who came to to visit today. Ms Dallas said she enjoys staying home now that she is back in Siloam but she misses hanging out with us too. It was a much more calm day […]

Leaf Crushing and Dreams

Every time I THINK I am going to have a teacher directed activity something happens that reminds me what is best for children’s learning – that I follow their lead.  Today ( since we have been talking so much about leaves ) I thought ( had greatly planned ) that we would crush leaves and […]

Busy Day

I said yesterday we had introduced most everything inside but outside we still had a few stones left unturned. Today we added paint to the outside easel.  What good is an easel if there is nothing to paint with ? Even with activities like this there is learning that takes place.   There’s the normal […]

And Debbie is my name-o

Sing to the tune of BINGO   D- e -b -b -i- e D- e- b -b- i -e D- e -b- b- i- e Debbie is my name-o   This is the song we are singing to teach names to our littles .   When you are driving  or getting ready for bed  or […]

Show and Tell !

Today seemed as hectic as yesterday.  Both days there have been three of us here  and we all have felt a little CRAZY! 🙂  Maybe it’s the weather change ?  The kids havent been BAD ( whatever your definition of that might be ) . They have just been very busy and very … very… […]

Four Days in and we are AWESOME

        I had help this morning getting breakfast ready ! Alina and Harelly were happy to help me get breakfast on the table for their friends. The great thing about preschool aged kids is that they are still fairly motivated to help. Preschoolers also love individual time with adults. If you take […]

My Friday

> Randy and I will be leaving very early in the morning to travel to southern Arkansas to be there when they set my parents gravestone. It will be an emotional day but one we have planned for for a while. Following that, we will attend a family reunion. This will be the first one […]

Monday Morning Comes Early

> This weekend was a blast. I think I enjoy doing conferences more than I do the children’s concerts. Maybe it is the energy of having so many people on a room that all love the same thing – teaching preschooler ! Randy and I did a workshop / concert at the North West Arkansas […]

Happy Birthday to me!

> A few nights ago I was bored in Walmart. Rarely am I the one waiting as Randy checks out, but I was. So.. I took his picture in Aisle 10. On facebook some of my friends commented that they didnt see flowers in his hands, or it would have been a perfect shopping trip. […]