Ladybug Ladybug

Today in small groups we did a ” weekly reader” ( an old one I had – see hoarding DOES work out at times…) on ladybugs !  We learned that […]

More Eric Carle

Today in circle time we read ” The Very Quiet Cricket .”  This book is a predictable text book. Predictable books along with shared reading are often recommended as a […]

Shoo Fly Don’t Bother Me

This morning I met the kids outside.  There was a nice breeze blowing and it felt wonderful.  As I sat out there waiting on the first child to arrive I […]

Are Spiders Insects ?

Today has been a rather hectic day.  Parent teacher conferences until 9:30 and lots of other things on my mind.  But that didnt slow our progress of our BUG unit. […]


Parent Teacher conferences this morning starting at 7:30.  Always a fun time to be able to look at the numbers from the Dial Three in the fall and compare them […]

The Very Quiet Cricket

> Today we read Eric Carle’s ” The Very Quiet Cricket .” Each time the tiny cricket meets someone he wants to say hello so he rubs his legs together […]

B is for Bug

> More fun today as Mrs. Beth joins us . Randy had a dentist appointment so she came to play. She enjoyed the camera and I loved the shots she […]

Earth Day and Old Lady Who Swallowed a Fly

> I know the parents are going to LOVE the TRASH art we made today in honor of Earth Day. We keep a bin in our art center full of […]

The itsy Bitsy Spider

> Lots of ” crafting ” going on in the art center today. Still continuing our “bugs” discussions today we talked about SPIDERS ! Whoops ! Then we had an […]

inch by Inch

> Our day started off so peaceful. Little moments like the one below. We made pretend chocolate chip cookies. We rode an imaginary train ! We also made a book […]