Gingerbread man science

Today we had a mommy and daddy in to play with us for over two hours. Leo and Becky have been with us so much this year , they are like family.  What is amazing is they both work full time jobs too and still take the time.  Becky is our official crown maker when […]

GingerBread Baby

Today we read the Gingerbread Baby. It is a totally different story. In the end he doesnt get eaten.   The little boy builds a gingerbread candy covered house and catches him in it. The little baby lives in the house forever and is happy. After reading the story we decorated a gingerbread boy  and […]

Run Run as Fast as you can !

This week we are doing a small unit on the Gingerbread Man books before we have our Polar Express Day on Friday.   I say ” books” because there are many different versions of the book.  The one we read today is by Paul Galdone and yes… the gingerbread boy gets eaten in the end […]