Tylenol ?

>Today – Do you ever have a day that you look in the mirror and say ” I KNEW better than that ?” All 16 of our munchkins were here today. The morning went smooth. Autum’s dad and mom came around 10:00 to talk about his Indian culture. He brought arrow heads, indian jewelry and […]

P is for Pilgrim

> I love it when I see my little friends pretending to be teachers.Kynley checking out the Indian Corn we popped in the microwave. Audrey found a new use for the plant that Clara gave us. She was taking little animals and pretending they were in a jungle. Very clever… Our art portfolio’s are getting […]

Indian Vest

> Today was an adventurous day. I don’t know if you have figured out or not , but I CRINGE when it comes time to do teacher directed crafts. Today we made indian vest to go with our headdresses and next week will will string colored macaroni for necklaces. Teacher directed crafts may look a […]