The Queens Arrive

Today we had special visitors. It only seems natural that the morning after I finished my all time favorite series about women in crowns ( Reign )  that we would have royalty visit.   As most of you know my daughter Danielle was a pageant girl so I still have a few connections.  Miss Dogwood […]

Arkansas Advocates and Snowmen

The Arkansas Advocate’s group is a phenomenal group of gladiators that work hard for the children and families of Arkansas to ensure that we all have safe, healthy and  productive lives and are able to meet our fullest potential.   They work a lot with legislators and others that can impact the work that I […]

EGGGGG-citing Day !

It was a good day.  It was a busy day .. but good Vallie’s mom  came and made edible playdoh from peeps, coconut oil and powered sugar. It was beautiful and tasted so good. A friend from another school di  

Ms Dallas’ Observation

Ms Dallas is going to school one night a week to get her Child Development Credential.  This is a big step for her as she has to sacrifice family time to be there and study but I am so proud of her effort. She is already a great team player and this will only make […]

An Author Visits !

One of the things that we ” teach ” in preschool is that every book has an author and many of them have illustrators.  Dawn Denton is a friend of mine. We met through her ” real job ” of landscape design . She is the lady that is transforming our yard from a dead […]

The wheels on the bus go round and round

I cant BELIEVE we didnt sing ” The Wheels on the Bus go Round and Round…” today.  WHAT !! Totally slacking preschool teacher.  :/                                                               […]

whew…. non stop craziness today !

Non stop craziness isnt always a bad thing . Today it wasnt…  It was just very hectic.  It was hectic and we didnt even get to everything I had planned for the day. I have grown over the years to STRONGLY DISLIKE teacher directed art.  Sometimes it is a necessary evil.  For instance , on […]

Happy 5th of May ( early )

Today we celebrated Cinco DeMayo with Mrs. Jeanette.  Mrs. Jeanette was Mary Burton’s former spanish teacher in high school . She lives in Rogers now and is working on her doctorate  . What a wonderful day we had.  She is a special  lady. Listening to her tell the kids stories about Mexico and sing in […]

The Crows Solution

We have had a very busy day today.  While small groups were going on some of the kids were at the other end of the table making nest from a glue water solution and small pieces of yarn.  This was another exercise in patience and following directions.  Asking preschoolers ( especially boys ) to pick […]

QA Review is complete

Today Marcy came – finally !  I thought she was late until she reminded me that we have a 90 day window now and not a  6 week window.  I was sitting at the table downloading sings for our unit this week and looked up to see her standing in the door.  Honestly my first […]