Pre- Thanksgiving Day

  You know its a good day when children just plop everywhere and grab a book and ask you to read it. And then two brothers celebrate turning 5.  These guys have our heart. They are the most loving affectionate little boys. Nathan is whispering to Tryston as we sing Happy Birthday.  I NOW realize […]

Father Christmas

Today I felt like I was kind of in an episode where the ghosts of Christma’s past visit me.. only it was preschoolers of the past.  We had two 8th graders come job shadow today at Bright Beginnings. I would hear them say ”  Remember when … ” or ” It’s so different  .” I […]


Finally we have ” eaten ” all the leftover turkey material .  I think we are ready to move on. Today we charted what we have learned about Thanksgiving. We did a little math game with Thanksgiving cards .  The littles would count the number of objects and pick out the right numeral to place […]

Mayflower ? Sunflower?

Today I asked did they remember what the name of the boat the pilgrims rode to America was called . The sunflower ? The flower ? Close . It starts with ( Mmm)  . The Mayflower. How in the world did the Mayflower float on top of the water ?  How does anything float ? […]

Conscious Discipline Super Stars

There are many days that at the end of the day I think ” YES!  Today was a great day. ”  Today ranks pretty high in my book .   My daily goals are based on personal growth with each of my littles .  We don’t set  goals like ” today everyone will count to […]

Post Thanksgiving

Most of you know that I have gradually become more natural, hippified, simplistic , reggio – inspired , child centered, …. there are so many adjectives that could explain or might be pinned on me for my current method of ” teaching ” children.  Please believe me when I say the things I execute each […]

Turkey in the Straw

Today was spent much in preparation for our preschool family thanksgiving feast . We did read several books about Thanksgiving today.   We heard new words like Mayflower, feast , voyage and cornucopia. We made traditional Indian head dresses .  After 20 plus years I am getting good at this. I didn’t wait until the […]

Turkeys Everywhere

Today we had a ” job shadower ” visit us. She arrived early in the morning and is staying until the end of the day. At one point she told me ” I feel like a celebrity !” because the girls wanted to be with her where ever she went.  Marley is in the 8th […]

Turkeys here. Turkeys there.

Today we made a special Thanksgiving craft.  Not art… there was no individualism involved here but it will be a keepsake. They are drying and I will send them home on Wednesday.                                           We worked […]

Pumpkin Pie

The weather is dreary outside today. We did get a little outside time in this morning before the rain hit us but not much. In circle time we talked about the Mayflower again and the people on it.  We talked about the storm that hit and how the water probably got in the boat as […]