Dial 3 Assessments

Each year within 45 days of enrollment I an required  to do a developmental assessment.  The Dial 3 is my tool.  We look at motor skills, language and concepts.  I asked them do do things like hop on one foot and catch and bean bag.  I ask them if they are a boy or a […]

Rainy Days Can Be Productive !

Today started out with rain.  You would think we would dread rainy days but for some reason rainy days are usually good ones for me.    I wouldn’t push my luck to have too many in a row but one every now and then is perfect.   We had time inside to play with our […]

I feel like shouting !

> Today the weather was nice enough again for us to split into our two groups for lunch and circle time. That means, for two hours of our day we are at am 8 to 1 ratio. That means a lot more one on one time and things go a little more smoothly. Emeri is […]

Hattie and the Fox

> Randy and the kids played with the camera today… Today we read the story of Hattie and the Fox. This book is a great book that practices predictability. As Hattie sees each part of the fox hanging out from the busy the animals all exclaim the same thing over and over – ” Well […]

Two inspections ? Really ?

> What a day. It started out SO wonderful. There was a nice breeze blowing and the kids were all in our ” happy place.” Then….. I look at the door and there is my ABC ( Arkansas Better Chance ) coordinator. He is such a laid back nice guy but he is here to […]