Can you place this UNDER the HOUSE ?

No, we aren’t really putting anything under the REAL house. It’s a small block.  It’s yet another piece of our assessment puzzle.  Specifically today while two children were sorting colored shapes one made minnie mouse and another …. Made houses ! !   It is so much more fun to pretend play instead of sort […]


Today I purposefully set out several fine motor activities.  In order to be a great ” cutter ” children need practice and lots of it. They need to feel successful !  Today we laid out magazines and scissors.  Nathan found lots of animals and glued them on a piece of paper. We talked about that […]

Do You See What I See

  “Children learn about their environment through their senses. They come to understand concepts through their sense of sight, smell, taste, touch and hearing. Children understand “soft” when they touch a kitten’s fur. They notice colors when they see a beautiful rainbow. They know what “loud” means when they hear a clap of thunder. They […]

Rainy Days Can Be Productive !

Today started out with rain.  You would think we would dread rainy days but for some reason rainy days are usually good ones for me.    I wouldn’t push my luck to have too many in a row but one every now and then is perfect.   We had time inside to play with our […]

We finished our Dial Three Assessments !

>We finished our Dial Three Assessments today. I even have them scored. It always feels great to get to the end of our year and see how much we have grown and how much we have learned. I would like to take credit for that but for the most part it is part of nature. […]

Rocket Ship Run

>Today we were back on track to finish out the week with our transportation unit . This morning we talked about rockets. I know the kids are intrigued by rockets because every time they do a painting and are stumped about what it actually is that they drew and I ask- they say ” a […]

I am thankful …

>What are you thankful for?I am thankful for children that love to climb in the loft and read book. I am thankful for young artist ,readers, being alone in the cube, learning to cut in the art center ( and not cutting hair ). I am thankful for kids that paint pictures of their whole […]