Apples are Red

  We have a paint table that stays out all the time.  I havent had paint on the table yet this year. I didnt think we were ready for free range with so many art materials yet.  Today we used red paint to paint apples.   We ended up with a few apples and a […]

Little Pig Little Pig

4t1H1XLoLN8                           TYvR5KH8oNY Today was a lot of fun. Yesterday I told the kids the story of ” The Three Little Pigs.” Today we talked about how we could act it out. We decided to get paper and make the three houses and […]

Science !

> As soon as the last munchkin left yesterday, Randy and I headed to Fort Smith to enjoy a workshop on science. It was SO good . It also was in line with what I had planned for today and another.. wonderful surprise to experience. Our morning started with a visit to the hospital to […]

What is Easter?

> After breakfast today I got the kids started on an orange collage. I heard many things: Is this a pumpkin? Is today orange day? You will see the end result tomorrow! Easter bunny board game – I wish I knew why playing board games it my LEAST favorite thing to do during the day. […]

You thought I wasnt posting huh?

> What a busy day! Today I had a training in Fayetteville and today was also my mom’s 69th birthday. What that all makes for is a very busy day. It is 10:10 pm and I am just now settling down to blog our day. I havent missed a day yet this year ( may….be […]

Shades of Green

> Today we concentrated on GREEN. Since most of the children can recognize green, I took it a step further to shades of green. After doing an emergent reader book , we set out to discover what would happen if we took green and mixed in a little white. We found out the result was […]

We’ve got the blues…

>There’s probably no better way to beat the ” we have to stay inside again” blues than a dance party!Or maybe a train around the room… Today was the first day in my 90 day window for a quality inspection. The Arkansas Child Care Approval System is a voluntary accreditation system that allows child care […]

Be careful little eyes what you see

> Today we talked about our eyes. The kids cut out eyes to make a collage. Cutting is still very difficult for some of my kiddos. If you are a mommy and you are reading this… some cutting experiences at home would be great ! Whitlee was excited that she found a HUGE eye ! […]

Polar Bear

>Today we read ” Three Snow Bears” by Jan Brett. It wasn’t long tonight the book before several of the kids starting saying ” this is like Goldilocks!” And.. it is. After reading the book at lunch we talked about the ways the books were different. Some of the answers we came up with are: […]

Mrs.Debbie is doing the Micheal Jackson today.

> Remember that yard work last week? Well, now I have the scars to prove it. I have poison ivy so bad on my left hand. Huge blisters… that come and go. Great. I didnt want to infect the kids today so I am wearing a black glove on that hand. I know it is […]