Apples are Red

  We have a paint table that stays out all the time.  I havent had paint on the table yet this year. I didnt think we were ready for free […]

Little Pig Little Pig

4t1H1XLoLN8                           TYvR5KH8oNY Today was a lot of fun. Yesterday I told the kids the story of ” […]

Science !

> As soon as the last munchkin left yesterday, Randy and I headed to Fort Smith to enjoy a workshop on science. It was SO good . It also was […]

What is Easter?

> After breakfast today I got the kids started on an orange collage. I heard many things: Is this a pumpkin? Is today orange day? You will see the end […]

You thought I wasnt posting huh?

> What a busy day! Today I had a training in Fayetteville and today was also my mom’s 69th birthday. What that all makes for is a very busy day. […]

Shades of Green

> Today we concentrated on GREEN. Since most of the children can recognize green, I took it a step further to shades of green. After doing an emergent reader book […]

We’ve got the blues…

>There’s probably no better way to beat the ” we have to stay inside again” blues than a dance party!Or maybe a train around the room… Today was the first […]

Be careful little eyes what you see

> Today we talked about our eyes. The kids cut out eyes to make a collage. Cutting is still very difficult for some of my kiddos. If you are a […]

Polar Bear

>Today we read ” Three Snow Bears” by Jan Brett. It wasn’t long tonight the book before several of the kids starting saying ” this is like Goldilocks!” And.. it […]

Mrs.Debbie is doing the Micheal Jackson today.

> Remember that yard work last week? Well, now I have the scars to prove it. I have poison ivy so bad on my left hand. Huge blisters… that come […]