Thundercake !

It was hard to get out of bed this morning with the gentle sound of the rain hitting the mud kitchen outside our bedroom window.  But alas we did and it was a wonderful day. As the children arrived today there were smiles … those great big smiles were  sometimes wearing  a raincoat and new […]


I have a love/ hate relationship with assessments.   A developmental assessment is required of all children enrolled in an ABC program within 45 days of enrollment.  I do another assessment at the end of the year because what good is the assessment without something to compare it to ?   So , I hate […]

Thunder Cake

Today has been a bit of a rough day. The children have had a hard time getting along and seemed extremely high energy.  It was one of those days that things happened and we shook our heads and sighed.  The good thing is… this is exactly what kids are supposed to do. We arent born […]

Wet World

  Today our story was ” Wet World: by Norma Simon.   The illustrations were interesting .They looked at though they had been left out in the rain. We painted pictures with water colors this morning.                                       […]

Busy Day

Part of me just wants to say  ” It was a horrendously busy day and I have nothing else to add!”  But, you know I wont do that. What I am going to do it lump our pictures all together instead of scattered through out the blog  . It is easier to group load and […]

Rain is Falling Down

Today we started a unit on rain.  If it snows again I am gonna be one aggravated preschool teacher.  I am heading into my spring units and would like the full cooperation of the weather. 🙂 New experiences on the table today were blue and clear stones that could be sorted or counted .   […]

Making Mud to Eat

I did a gallery of the pictures today instead of individual I know they aren’t as easy to see but I need some extra time during nap time today to get packed . Randy and I will be leaving as soon as our ratio allows this afternoon to head to Harrison Arkansas. We ( the […]

Thundercake !

  Whew.. it was a REALLY busy day. That is what happens when I am determined to have a good day.  What is that old saying ” an idle mind is the devils workshop ?”  There was nothing idle about today.  We were SO BUSY! We started off our morning in small groups reading ” […]

It’s Raining It’s Pouring

What do you do when you plan a rain unit the week AFTER all the rain ?  YOU MAKE IT RAIN !!                                                                   […]

Rain is Falling Down

Today has been a fun filled day . Some of the kids were a little clingy this morning after being gone a week but got into routine soon there after.  I think the biggest problem was that many of them got accustomed to sleeping in and  this morning came very early for them. During free […]