Thundercake !

It was hard to get out of bed this morning with the gentle sound of the rain hitting the mud kitchen outside our bedroom window.  But alas we did and […]


I have a love/ hate relationship with assessments.   A developmental assessment is required of all children enrolled in an ABC program within 45 days of enrollment.  I do another […]

Thunder Cake

Today has been a bit of a rough day. The children have had a hard time getting along and seemed extremely high energy.  It was one of those days that […]

Wet World

  Today our story was ” Wet World: by Norma Simon.   The illustrations were interesting .They looked at though they had been left out in the rain. We painted […]

Busy Day

Part of me just wants to say  ” It was a horrendously busy day and I have nothing else to add!”  But, you know I wont do that. What I […]

Rain is Falling Down

Today we started a unit on rain.  If it snows again I am gonna be one aggravated preschool teacher.  I am heading into my spring units and would like the […]

Making Mud to Eat

I did a gallery of the pictures today instead of individual I know they aren’t as easy to see but I need some extra time during nap time today to […]

Thundercake !

  Whew.. it was a REALLY busy day. That is what happens when I am determined to have a good day.  What is that old saying ” an idle mind […]

It’s Raining It’s Pouring

What do you do when you plan a rain unit the week AFTER all the rain ?  YOU MAKE IT RAIN !!                 […]

Rain is Falling Down

Today has been a fun filled day . Some of the kids were a little clingy this morning after being gone a week but got into routine soon there after. […]