Out of the Mouthes of Babes

Today was Dr Suess’ birthday .   Why oh why do I cave to peer pressure ? Why do I feel the need to go along with society and dive head first into things that do not mesh with my preschool family philosophy ?  My oldie parents know that Dr. Suess books are  not my […]

Dr Suess and Ducks

We started out the day with a Dr. Suess book since it is his birthday. Please don’t stone me but I may be the only preschool teacher in history that is not a fan of Dr. Suess for three and four year olds.  The book I read today was over 60 pages.  Do you know […]

Fox In Socks

This morning the kids came in with all barrels loaded for a good time.  Good for them.  Maybe.. not so good for us.  There were many opportunities to practice conscious discipline before 9 am so we decided MAYBE… some outside time would be a great idea to get all the extra energy used up in […]

The Grinch and Green Day

I have some amazing friends that teach preschool. The wonderful thing about teaching preschool  , especially in funded programs like mine, is there is no competition. For the most part we all help each other out .  Last night on facebook a good friend of mine that has several sites including one in Gentry posted […]

Happy Birthday Dr. Suess

Can you believe we were out of school for snow AGAIN ?  As a chlid in southern Arkansas I remember one time for sure that I remember it snowing. Maybe I remember it because it was Christmas and my parents were at a work party and my brother and I had a babysitter named Mary. […]

The Shape of Me / Ten Apples

Today’s books were ” The Shape of Me ” and ” Ten Apples Up on Top.” For  “The Shape of Me “i traced the kids bodies on large sheets of paper and let them fill in the details. They loved drawing on such big pieces of paper.   For ” Ten apples up on Top” […]

One Fish and Yertle

This fact that the kids were CRAZY today had nothing to do with the fact that Randy and I left at nap time. Really…. 🙂 No, serious. My nephew’s little baby girl was born 4 pounds 14 ounces and she didnt do so well during the night. I had already planned to leave after the […]

Wah Wah Wah Wacky Wednesday

The day started a little slow as I looked at my phone and saw how chilly it was this morning.  I hadnt quite decided what I was going to wear for Wacky Wednesday but the moment I got out of bed, I just KNEW what I had to do.  I made some pigtails ( which […]

The Foot Book

Left Foot Left Foot Left Foot Right. Today we read Dr.Suess ” The Foot Book ” and  did some activities to go along with it.   First we painted all our feet  ( thats 32 feet ) and all our toes  ( thats 160 toes ) and made foot prints on paper. Any teacher that […]

Happy Happy Day Suess

Today we kicked off Dr. Suess’ birthday celebration by having HAT DAY!   The kids wore hats to school today. Some hats were silly  and some were cool !   Of course we had extra hats in our room for the kids that didnt wear a special hat to school.  I even had on a […]