Meatballs and Hearts

We had a special treat today.  Mr Leo came to cook with the kids again.  He is my hero.  There couldn’t have been a better day to have someone  in the kitchen. Thanks Mr Leo ! The littles enjoyed making their own homemade meatballs for a yummy meatball soup with potatoes and carrots.   We […]

Twas the Night Before Valentines …

And we are already eating SUGAR.  That’s right .  The day BEFORE  the Valentines celebration we have already cracked open the candy conversation hearts.  We did a little estimating today.  How many hearts will your hand hold ?  Estimation is actually one of the common core standards for every grade. If you want to read […]

Tiny Advocates

Today the littles helped me get ready to go to Little Rock.   Tomorrow I will be visiting with legislators and I will be carrying their tiny hands with me ( and a few parents ) to remind them that we are more than data. We also did some brainstorming about Valentines Day today.  As […]

Valentines Day !

  One of our games we played today . DONT EAT PETE ! !   We played Alphabet BINGO!      Precious pictures !!!   If the kids say SUPERMAN was at school today.  Yancy told everyone that was his name.   In your cubby was an interview from your child !     Minute […]

New Blog Is Up !

Our new blog is up and running. There are still a few little things we need to add but that will be done soon.  I say we very loosely.  Micheal , Dallas’ brother,  has been working on the website for me. After my server stopped working he took over and is doing an amazing job […]

Sugar High

Oh yes … today  we played fine motor games with candy and did a little math assessment with candy ! Who would have thought that was possible ???                                                       […]

Another Manic… Wednesday

As Dallas was leaving today she said ” What is on the agenda tomorrow ????? Is it a normal day ? ”   I laughed and said , “YES ! Tomorrow and tomorrow alone is a NORMAL DAY!” *  ( Whatever a normal day in a classroom means. )  Monday was well…. like every Monday […]

I love….

I was in a transition conference at Northside today so I wasnt here most of the morning.  Dallas and Randy held down thr fort and the kids played and they still got much accomplished from our lesson plan. Yesterday we read a book called ” I love..” Today we made a classroom book called ” […]


Today we introduced our Valentines unit by talking about the letter V.  Normally it isnt a letter that is used often but since we have Vivian and Valeri in our classroom the kids were already quiet familiar with it.  Hearts cut outs were glued on the letter V.   We read a cook called ” […]

Happy Valentines Day

Happy Valentines Day Ya’ll !!! Our day has been amazing and sweet !    Our parents brought all the yummy goodies for all our meals today. That’s right, I didnt have to cook ANYTHING today !  ( I know, I am very blessed with good families. ) We ate. We played games like ” Pin […]