Mothers Day

Friday was spent working on more little details of our end of the year program     and making Mothers Day cards and gifts .   The gift was  a sugar hand scrub.       Earlier in the morning each of the kids expressed their thanks to Ms Dallas for being an excellent teacher […]

Happy Mothers Day ! ( Spoiler Alert )

> The spoiler alert is for any moms of my preschoolers that read this blog and plan to wait until Sunday to open their gift from the little ones. STOP NOW and wait until Monday to read this! Nolan brought his ” water turtle ” today for us to see. I am so thankful I […]

Debbie’s Back

> Randy and I are officially back at work today ! The last two weeks seem like a bad dream. We buried my mom on Mothers Day. The last week with her was a week that I will never forget. Mom had very little pain and near the end slept most of the time but […]