Acorn Art

Sometimes allowing kiddos to explore means letting go of even more control.  Yesterday I showed the kids a picture of some acorns someone had painted or stained on pinterest .  Today – they decided we should paint our acorns.   Sometimes toys are over rated . We like boxes and tarps.   One of the […]

Pumpkins and Acorns

If you follow me on social media you know that at 11:00 our day took a whirl with unexpected visitors but we did have a few good hours ! We have had these HUGE acorns for over a year and the children have hardly touched them.  I took them out and placed several on the […]

Do Robots Have Noses ?

Our day started off a little chilly so we were inside most of the morning.  Thankfully, we had a daddy here to help us and play.  His help at the art center produced some pretty amazing pieces. At one point today Elliette drew a robot ?  She said ” Ms Debbie, does a robot have […]

Pumpkin Provocations

We’ve talked about provocation’s in our setting  and how we use them to entice children to think deeper or work on a specific skill.  Today’s provocation was pumpkin painting . The children were never told they ” had ” to take a turn at the table but most did.   I love the art pieces […]

Leaf Hunt

Today we went on a walk in our neighborhood.  This was our first walk as a preschool family.   We talked about what keeps us safe when we are walking .  We saw many things but primarily we were on a leaf hunt.  Teams of two were looking for specific colors of leaves.  I think […]

Mayflower ? Sunflower?

Today I asked did they remember what the name of the boat the pilgrims rode to America was called . The sunflower ? The flower ? Close . It starts with ( Mmm)  . The Mayflower. How in the world did the Mayflower float on top of the water ?  How does anything float ? […]

Math and Candy Corn

  Today we used candy corn to practice a few math skills.  First we counted the candy corn . Then we added three pumpkins and talked about patterns .  Almost every child was able to set up an AB pattern.  Pumpkin, corn, pumpkin, corn , pumpkin , corn.  I was pleasantly surprised that most of […]

Leaf Hunt

We’re going on a leaf hunt a leaf hunt We’re going on a leaf hunt A leaf hunt. Look ! Its a mountain . We can’t go through it. We can’t go around it. We have to climb it. ( CLIMB CLIMB CLIMB … wooooo….. that was hard, I am out of breath. ) Today […]

Yellow and Red Make….

Though we only had yellow and red available in the paint area today and many children painted they still did not stumble across the color mixing magic that I hoped would happen.  This morning I set up an intentional provocation.  What will happen if we mix yellow and red paint ? Orange !! We also […]